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Guerrilla Bloc™ LNA
0.7 – 0.96 GHz

GRF2806 is a fully integrated amplifier offering low noise and high gain over 0.7 to 0.96 GHz with no external matching or bias decoupling required. Flexible biasing allows the module linearity and efficiency to be optimized as required by a particular application.

It is a member of the new Guerrilla Bloc™ family of integrated 4x4 mm modules which integrate all external component placements with the exception of a single resistor used to set the desired bias current.

Configured as an LNA, driver or cascaded gain block, GRF2806 offers high levels of reuse both within a design and across platforms and is part of a growing family of low-cost LNA modules.

Consult with the GRF applications engineering team for evaluation board data and module s-parameters.



  • Cellular Boosters
  • ISM Radios


Reference: 3.3V/15 mA/0.9 GHz

  • Gain: 20.0 dB
  • Module NF: 1.2 dB
  • OP1dB: 13.5 dBm
  • Fully Integrated (50 Ω)
  • Flexible Bias Voltage and Current
  • Process: GaAs pHEMT