Ultra-broadband Gain Block

The GRF3012 is a broadband gain block designed for RF applications from near DC up to X-Band.

This resistively biased device employs an external resistor in series with VCC to set a nominal ICCQ of 22 mA. GRF3012 is internally matched to 50Ω at the input and output ports.

The device can be operated down to low frequency via the selection of suitably large input/output caps and bias inductor.

Consult with the GRF applications engineering team for custom tuning/evaluation board data and device s-parameters.


  • Microwave Backhaul
  • C/X/Ku-Band Amplifiers
  • General Purpose Amplifiers
  • Instrumentation


Reference: 5V/22mA/5.0 GHz

  • Gain: 11.0 dB
  • OP1dB: 5.0 dBm
  • OIP3: 18.0 dBm
  • NF: 5.6 dB
  • Internally Matched: 50Ω
  • Process: InGaP HBT

 Broadcom - ABA-51563

 Qorvo - QPA4486A

 Qorvo - AG203-86G

 Qorvo - NBB-502

 Qorvo - AG203-63G

 Qorvo - NBB-500