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High Gain, Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier
802.11ac: 4.9 to 9.0 GHz

The GRF2501 is an ultra-low noise amplifier (LNA) designed for IEEE 802.11a/n/ac/p applications (5.1 GHz to 5.925 GHz). Over this band, the device exhibits outstanding de-embedded noise figure (NF) of 0.80 dB along with excellent gain flatness and high linearity. The high gain, superior NF and directivity of its design allows designers to create receiver architectures with outstanding cascaded NF and unconditional stability.

The LNA is operated from a single positive supply of 2.7 to 5.0 V with a typical bias condition of 3.3 V and 12 mA. GRF2501 is internally matched to 50 Ω at the input and output ports.

Richardson Mouser

Guerrilla RF has partnered with Modelithics to offer S-parameter and noise parameter models for packaged broadband ultra-low noise amplifiers. For more details, visit:


  • WiFi Access Points
  • Mobile WiFi Devices
  • Microwave Backhaul
  • 802.11p Vehicle Communications


Reference: 3.3V/15mA/5.5GHz

  • De-embedded NF: 0.8 dB
  • Gain: 16.0 dB
  • IP1dB: -8.0 dBm
  • Flexible Bias Voltage and Current
  • Internally Matched to 50 Ω
  • Process: GaAs pHEMT