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Ultra LNAs with Bypass

Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers with Bypass

Ultra LNA's with Bypass - Products | Guerrilla RF | Extremely Low Noise Amplifiers with Bypass |
Product Description Frequency Range(GHz) Reference Conditions Gain(dB) NF(dB) OP1dB (dBm) OIP3 (dBm) Vdd Range (V) Idd Range (mA) Features Package (mm)

Ultra-low Noise Amplifier w/Bypass



17.2 1.1 21.0 41.0 2.7-5.0 20-100

Ultra-low noise; high gain; flex bias;bypass

1.5 DFN-6
GRF2077* Failsafe Bypass LNA 0.7-3.8 5V/70mA/2.5GHz 17.0 0.90 22.0 40.0 3.0-5.0 70 Low noise; Failsafe bypass 2.0 DFN-8

* = Product is in Pre-Production. Contact [email protected] for minimum order quantity.
Note: W suffix denotes AEC-Q100 automotive qualified device.