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We have developed engineering evaluation boards (EVB’s) to allow for evaluation of Guerrilla RF’s performance leading products in your lab.

We now offer two options for EVB kits.  (1) A turn key, fully assembled and tested kit, priced at $500.00 US or (2) a blank EVB board, priced at $100.00 US that will allow you a low cost approach to assemble your own kit.  Recommended BOM’s are available at www.guerrilla-rf.com and small quantity Guerrilla RF devices are available from our distribution partners – www.mouser.com or www.richardsonrfpd.com.   

To receive your EVB kit, please complete the information below and our Sales team will follow-up with a quote.

Note that more than one part number or combination of boards can be included on one submission request.

Thank you for your interest in Guerrilla RF’s performance leading products!

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